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We are so excited you’ve visited the LIFESTYLE BAMBOO website!

LIFESTYLE BAMBOO is a lifestyle brand of baby and home products made from eco-friendly bamboo.  We design and create premium quality products and use recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible.

All our products are thoughtfully and carefully made to enhance and encourage a toxic-free home and reduce the burden on our environment.

Here at LIFESTYLE BAMBOO, we focus on quality and not quantity.  Our goal is not to fill our website with pages of products to offer you, but to make sure the ones we do offer are high quality, useful and made to last. 

Why should you shop at LIFESTYLE BAMBOO?  You care about the earth and our environment.  You want to reduce plastic and waste in your home.  You want to buy products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic.  You’re just like us!

We’re a family with young children, so we know how important it is to buy and use products that are both healthy and eco-friendly.  Our company was started during our journey to eliminate toxic products from our home and then replacing them with natural and eco-friendly ones.  It’s been a long process, but we’re taking it one baby step at a time.

LIFESTYLE BAMBOO is a U.S. based family-owned business and all our products are warehoused and shipped from the beautiful southern state of Louisiana, with love and care.  We hand-wrap each and every order before it goes out to you and eagerly await its delivery to your home.  We are both excited and humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received and hope you will be just as pleased with your purchase.

We trust that you will find our products useful on your own personal journey to clean and healthy living.

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